1) What material is the Orbital Case made of?

The Orbital Case is made of synthetic material. The variant “Silver” is not made of metal.

2) Why should HDMI Slim cable and USB cable with a good flexibility be used?

The Orbital Case has a diameter of 140 mm, thus only slightly larger than a CD. We wanted it to be an eyecatcher and keep it as slim as possible, that is why we chose small and modern plug.

3) What Raspberry Pi boards fit into the case?

It all fits. Whether A, A +, B, B +, 2 B, 3 B, 3 B+ or the new 4 B.

4) What’s so special about the Orbital Case?

Primarily its construction and design. Unlike the conventional, rectangular chassis for Raspberry Pi, the Orbital Case has a round shape. 360 degrees, perfect like a circle!
By internal cable routing, all of the cables can be led out from only one side.

5) Are the appropriate screws attached to the housing?

Yes, each case comes with mounting screws and 4 rubber feet.